Rejected iPhone 3GS Logos Revealed

Perhaps Steve Jobs isn’t keeping such a tight grip on things at Apple these days. Our dumpster-diving sources were able to uncover documents that show some of the rejected logos for the new iPhone 3GS.

Most surprisingly, it doesn’t look like Apple even considered a different name. Instead, it appears that “S” wasn’t always for “Speed”.

The first picture they found, stuck to the bottom of a empty Pringles can, put an entirely different slant on “S”:

S is for Shopping?

Under the Pringles can was a 5.25″ floppy disk, which when examined under a microscope revealed the following inscription:

S is for So Olde?

Behind Caffe Mac, our intrepid agents found some really good leftovers. While they noshed on some vegan pizza, they noticed a pile of documents with these collegiate logos:

S is for Stanford?

S is for Swarthmore?

Perhaps this revelation explains the new iTunes U offerings on the iPhone/iPod Touch? Nearby, they found evidence of another educational slant, this time for a younger demographic:

S is for Snake?

After sleeping off a pizza coma, our agents moved on to the secret iPhone design sector of the Apple campus. Here, in the heart of the Infinite Loop, they found the final series of iPhone 3GS logos. The design team was obviously focusing in these disparate elements into the cohesive whole that finally emerged.

S is for Sports?

S is for Super?

S is for Snuggly?

S is for Speed?’”Now we’re getting somewhere!

Finally, we have the official iPhone 3GS logo. If you look closely, you’ll see some of the elements of all the above designs, which clearly influence the subtle graphic language Apple is so well known for.

S is for Speed

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