Reflexion is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Reflexion Review

As the breakout genre continues to expand on the App Store, more developers are beginning to tweak the concept to build a new experience for the gamer. Reflexion is a great example. Its innovative gameplay, which involves ‘drawing’ the paddle, kept us hooked for hours.

Reflexion’s main attraction is its unique, unconventional gameplay. Instead of moving a paddle along the bottom, you can draw one anywhere you wish. You can shake the device to slow down the ball for a period of time, although this drains your points. The controls are simple and work well, meaning just about anybody can pick up and play.

The game has two distinct modes: Arcade and Puzzle. Arcade is just what you would expect — You play from level one until you run out of lives, at which point you are prompted with your high score and see how it stacks up with previous scores. But what really makes this game special are its ‘puzzles.’ These vary from familiar pictures to extremely involved and difficult formations. Yet, as cool as they are, there are only 25. The lack of content — plus the omission of high scores for this mode — hampers the game’s overall value. Still, it should be enough to keep you busy for a couple of hours.

Reflexion’s weakest point is its lack of online scoring, which is a must when it comes to games where you are playing for a score. Without this feature, we did not feel motivated to keep playing more than a few times. After all, trying to top your own score only stays fun for so long.

Although it has a couple of issues regarding high scores and content, Reflexion still is one of the most unique and polished brick breakers on the App Store.

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