Redeem App Store Promo Codes The Easy Way

Whenever we redeem or give away promo codes, it’s always the same, slow process: launch iTunes, go to the iTunes Store page, click redeem, enter the code, and click redeem again. Now, we’ve gotten a tip on how to make this process go much faster.

The blog Tap Tap Tap suggests a super-secret URL that, if you plug in your promo code, will automatically redeem your game. Just copy-paste the following into your browser, replacing the last part with the promo code itself.

Want to help us try it out? We’ve got a ton of codes from Humble Gaming: Seven for Abductor, eight for Anna Montana, and ten for Return of Pied Piper. Just follow our Twitter feed, tweet @slidetoplay and which game you want, and the first followers who respond will get a code. Redeem it with the above steps and let us know if you like this method for redeeming your code better!

These codes must get redeemed today, because they won’t work after updates are issued soon. And, this is a way for us to make up for not having a Tuesday Twitter Giveaway this week. See you on the Twitter, folks!

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