ReBounce: brick breaking evolved

ReBounce: brick breaking evolved is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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ReBounce Review

Some games demand your constant attention, while others can be put down for a few minutes while you grab a snack or watch TV. The ultra-casual nature of a game like ReBounce means that you’re occasionally just watching the game while it beats itself.

This lack of interaction is probably the worst thing about ReBounce. Unlike similar bouncing games like Mr. Bounce, in ReBounce your participation is sometimes optional. A wonky physics system bounces your puck around randomly, taking out colored spheres that change colors and are destroyed after being hit three times. This doesn’t always require your direct input.

Attack of the Lakers colors.

Your real goal is to make combos by matching the colors together before destroying them. When you lay your finger on the bouncing yellow puck, you automatically enter slowdown mode, and can aim your puck precisely at bombs and spheres to create chain reactions. However, sometimes your puck will actually go where you want it to, and other times it will bounce crazily off an obstacle.

While this may sound unpleasant, there are a few things we liked about ReBounce. The game introduces a variety of level types, even though the puzzles are all very simple and the endless “rush mode” can bombard you with unbreakable blocks, leaving you no way to stay alive. Also, if you beat a high score, you are rewarded with a happy little fireworks display, just like in Super Mario Brothers.

Busting up the ozone layer.

We don’t think ReBounce could accurately be described as a “puzzle” game. Puzzle games suggest some level of concentration is required, so this is probably more like a physics toy with easy-to-reach objectives.

We can think of a few times when a totally mindless physics game like ReBounce might be what you load up when you have a few spare minutes. Perhaps you’ve been cramming for the SATs and need a mental health break, something extremely basic to cleanse your palate. If you can get past the fact that this game requires almost no skill to complete, it’s a decent distraction.

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