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Real Soccer 2010 is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Real Soccer 2010 Review

It has come to our attention that Gameloft has been busy making clones of successful franchises, from Gangstar to Dungeon Hunter. However, the word “clone” usually has negative connotations, and Gameloft’s games don’t usually deserve it, as is best evidenced by their ability to win STP’s Game of the Month twice in a row. Well, Real Soccer is another great game, even if it is almost identical to FIFA 10.

Real Soccer offers a great number of modes– even more than FIFA, in fact– and they are as follows: Cup, Season Club Master, League, RS League, Enter the Legend, and the lesser Training and Penalty Kicks modes. If you’ve read the FIFA review, this lineup likely sounds familiar, because it is, with some of Real Soccer’s modes identical to those in FIFA in everything but name (i.e. “cup” for “tournament”).

Season Club Master puts you in the shoes of a manager for the team, Cup puts you into a tournament of your choice, and Enter the Legend puts you in the role of one player, to play throughout his career. League pits you against other teams in the same league as yours, and RS League does this with an online leaderboard.

This brings us to another point: Gameloft has done an excellent job of connecting this game to the internet. Games can be played over Bluetooth, local, and global wi-fi, and replays can not only be saved but also uploaded to YouTube. This is quite impressive, and it is the one point where Real Soccer really outshines its competition.

Look out, goalie.

Another way in which Real Soccer shines is through its streamlined manner of play. The menu interface is very stylized and easy to use, making menus move quickly, similar to the gameplay. Gameplay is fast-paced, aided in no small part by the superhuman sprinting speed of players, and also by the flow of each match. Not only that, but the controls are well implemented, relying upon the iDevice’s capabilities for actions other than the basics, which are controlled by the d-pad and its two companion buttons.

On the other hand, however, Real Soccer is lacking in some aspects that its rivals are not. There is no intuitive and easy way to reliably switch between teammates while defending (in all modes apart from Enter the Legend), which causes a great deal of frustration and hampers the gameplay. Also, it only has a little more than half of the teams that FIFA 10 has, which comes as no big surprise, but it leaves the game lacking in that sense. Furthermore, its graphics are grainy and a bit cartoony, which sacrifices some of the realistic feel.

Real Soccer’s streamlined gameplay offers a great deal of enjoyment at a quick pace, and it is also internet-enabled. This does not change the fact that it’s less realistic and not as fully featured as FIFA 10. They’re both great games, and this leaves a tough decision to be made for soccer fans, so we hope our reviews have helped. And remember, if you get that ball past the keeper, be sure (especially in public) to scream this: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!

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