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Real Racing HD Review

Real Racing took iPhone gaming to the next level and, even over half a year later, stands among the most impressive titles on the platform. In fact, we even awarded it with our first ever Game of the Year 2009 award back in January. The iPad version is similar in content but has some new features that make it worthy of your purchase, even if you previously owned the iPhone version.

The standout improvement in Real Racing HD is the graphics. Sure, they were exceptional before, but the high-resolution details make this possibly the most visually impressive game available on the App Store. Every texture, from grass to car parts, looks realistic. Most astonishing is how the framerate it silky smooth. If this is the power of the iPad, we can’t wait for what’s in store.

Spoiler alert.

A new feature exclusive to the iPad is the ability to skin your car with any picture in your photo library. We enjoyed pimping our ride with different themes, although couldn’t help noticing there is no way to manipulate the image once it’s on the car. This means you must find an image that fits right in order to get good results. Still, we enjoyed this addition.

Finally, you can now race against a ghost car of either your top times or those of other players. This can be accessed through Time Trial mode and acts as a great alternative to online multiplayer when you don’t feel like being in the heat of the competition.

As we previously stated, Real Racing HD holds up extremely well on the iPad. In fact, we recommend everybody, racing fan or not, pick up this title. You’ll be shocked at how much fun there is to be had.

Editor’s Note: This review covers the content exclusive to the iPad version of this game. For the full game review, click here.

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