Real Racing 2 HD

Real Racing 2 HD is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Real Racing 2 HD Brings 1080p Gaming to the iPad

Take a peek at the first video of Firemint’s first foray into 100% HD gaming: Real Racing 2 HD. Check out the new, beautiful realization of the iPad 2 and Apple’s Digital AV (HDMI) adapter.

Real Racing 2 HD is still the same great game that “singlehandedly redefined racing excellence on the iOS platform” last year with one special addition: the iPad 2’s Digital AV Adapter. This allows the game lets only output a “true” 1080p widescreen HD gaming experience on your HDTV, but also lets you use the the iPad as a gyroscopic controller and secondary screen that’s mildly reminiscent of the Nintendo 3DS.

Real Racing 2 HD sports the same visceral single-player experience of the original, with the added bonus of free, 16-player online multiplayer. If you purchased the original Real Racing 2 HD (or if you’re playing on an iPhone), don’t fret — universal multiplayer is already available if the form of a free update.

When the HDMI cable was first announced at the beginning of March, I wasn’t sure how long it would take for iPad 2 games to make the “jump” to the big screen. I knew that videos and games could be “mirrored” on the screen, sure, but it’s amazing to see more and more developers moving “outside the box” and reimagining the definition of “iPad 2 gaming.”

Of course, until Apple pre-packs their little dongle with the iPad 2, it’s gonna be tricky for developers to force players to own a $40 HDMI adapter to play their games. Regardless, the potential for savvy coders to think of new and innovative ways to use Apple’s 9.7″ controller + HD console is very promising, to say the least.

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