React Reaction Game

React Reaction Game is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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React Hands-On Impressions

DoApp’s React, currently being given away for free, is an interesting pastime that’s kind of like getting a little taste of WarioWare on your iPhone.

This brightly colored app requires exactly four actions from the player: poking, sliding, pinching, and shaking. The first three are touchscreen inputs, and the last is accelerometer-based, as you would expect. When you start a new game, a tinny voice commands you to “shake it!” or “slide it!”, while displaying one of four boldly symbolic screens that match up with the action.

As soon as you follow the directive, another screen pops up with a new command, and the tireless robot voice yells at you again; the pace gradually accelerates until you screw up a certain number of times (customizable in the settings). It won’t take long at first, but you’ll be surprised how far you can get with some practice.

There are lots of these “Pavlovian” games on the App Store, but React is definitely one of the more polished offerings. If DoApp were to flesh it out into something more substantial by adding additional activities and fashioning them into discrete minigames, we could see this turning into a pretty sick WarioWare clone. And the iPhone needs one of those!

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