Random Heroes 2

Random Heroes 2 is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Random Heroes 2 Review

Random Heroes made its statement on the App Store not too long ago, and it immediately grabbed our attention with its retro graphics, gloriously violent shuffles, and love for side-scrolling platform shooters. Random Heroes 2 feels very much like a continuation of the same game, and while to some that may be a bad thing, we can’t get enough.

Random Heroes 2 could be likened to an expansion of sorts, as you continue to call upon the same upgradeable weapons, fell the same enemies, and even control your heroes in the same manner. There’s an on-screen control pad that feels much like a classic NES controller (complete with only A and B buttons), and they feel quite true to form.


However, there have been some small improvements: now when you hold down the fire button, you can slide to aim upwards or press the back arrow to perform a shuffling moonwalk to get away from your enemies. It’s a hilarious and useful spectacle, and one you’ll undoubtedly make use of as you hurtle through the game’s 90 levels.

Aside from that small change and a mishmash of new locales to explore, everything else is much of the same. Collectibles are available if you choose to look hard enough, tossing your character into walls until you’ve found one that breaks, and the search offers another reason to keep chugging along even after you’ve conquered the numerous levels. They go by in an instant– they’re very simplistic, so most of the time you’re moving from left to right and dispatching enemies.


Retro love letter and pixelated violence aside, there is the caveat of the in-game store, which offers the option to purchase in-game currency. It does feel a bit more intrusive this time around, with pricey choices to upgrade your more expensive firearms and costumes. In-app purchases are very in-your-face, so if you’re not willing to shell out any more cash to make improvements to your arsenal, you might think about avoiding this installment.

For everyone else not bothered by the existence of in-app purchase and looking for more of the same madness introduced in the original Random Heroes, you’ll find plenty of what you enjoyed from the first game here. If you’ve ever enjoyed splattering virtual walls with the entrails of tiny pixelated soldiers, you’ll have fun with Random Heroes 2 as well. Just don’t expect it to be free of the trappings of its “paymium” model.

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