Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard Interactive Trailer and Multiplayer Maps Released

Gameloft has once again taken to social networks to spread the word about their upcoming game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard. They posted a link on Twitter to an interactive Youtube video that lets you virtually play through a segment of the single-player campaign. Then they used Facebook to post shots of five multiplayer maps that will appear in the game. To save you from hopping all around the Internet, we’ve gathered the goods below.

It’s pretty cool to see an interactive video being used to promote an iOS game. At certain points the video stops and lets you choose how to proceed. The interface is a little clunky, but at least the video gives you a good idea of the gameplay. Note that you can only interact with the video on certain web browsers (iOS Safari not included). The multiplayer maps look pretty cool, too. Click the thumbnails to the right to view the full-resolution images.

Shadow Vanguard will be out on Thursday, March 17 (or, more precisely, 11:00 pm Eastern Standard Time the night before). Most Gameloft games of this caliber are released for $6.99, although the Tom Clancy licensing might make this one a little more expensive.

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