Ragduck Hunt

Ragduck Hunt is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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RagDuck Hunt Hands-On Preview

Duck Hunt, everyone’s favorite duck-shooting game, is back! You’ll go absolute quackers over the delightful’¦ oh no, is that an assault rifle? Why is that poor waterfowl bleeding so profusely? Stop shooting, for the love of’¦ oh no! Oh no.

You can imagine our shock at playing what we assumed would be a harmless hunting game inspired by the Nintendo classic. Instead, we found RagDuck Hunt to be a 3D, realistic-looking shooting game. Realistic, that is, except for the gold coins you are meant to catch with the falling ragdoll bodies of dead ducks.

In our preview version, the ducks spew blood as you watch them fall in slow motion. To help you pick up coins and beat each level (the amount of ducks you kill doesn’t count) you stay auto-locked on the falling duck, and you can continue shooting them repeatedly to make them bounce around in mid-air. The worst part is, they keep quacking with each additional shot, long after they should be dead.

We are doubtful that this game will appear on the App Store in its current state. The gushing geysers of blood and post-mortem quacking are just too cruel to pass muster with Apple, so we expect that a toned-down version will be released in the end.

With three environments of two difficulties each and an unlockable machine gun you get for completing the game, RagDuck Hunt has a decent amount of content. But trust us, this is not the cartoony Duck Hunt you remember. This is a malicious hunting game with a coin-collecting twist, so don’t expect it to be all pink skies and laughing dogs.

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