Racing Sim 2K Drive Arrives On The App Store

2K’s answer to GT Racing: Motor Academy and Real Racing 3 recently arrived on the App Store. 2K Drive is a realistic driving simulator that features licensed cars, real-world locations, and online multiplayer. For those gamers who were opposed to Real Racing 3’s freemium pricing model, 2K Drive costs a hefty $6.99 to download, with optional in-app purchases.

From the launch trailer, we can tell that this game isn’t all about super-realistic driving scenarios. There are a few Crazy Taxi-like bonus races as well, like a twisting elevated platform and a giant bowling lane. You can even race against a helicopter, or drive an experimental car in the desert. We’ll have more on 2K Drive once we’ve taken it around the block a few times, but in the meantime, enjoy the trailer and these jaw-dropping screenshots.







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