R.Type is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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R.Type Review

R-Type was released in 2010, then it vanished from the App Store to be reborn recently as R.Type (notice the subtle difference of the period in the title in place of the dash.) In the meantime it has received a handful of new features.

The game is now universal, meaning you can play it on iPhone and iPad alike. You can now enjoy getting blown up by aliens in Retina Display glory. If you manage to survive long enough to get a decent score, you now have bragging rights with Game Center support with achievements and leaderboards.

The developers claim the touch controls have been enhanced, but they feel similar to the initial version. In short, any updates to this classic are welcome and it is still an excellent game for the masochistic bullet hell lover.

For a more detailed look at the game, please read our review of the original.

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