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Pyramid Bloxx is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Pyramid Bloxx Review

If Slide to Play had a physical office, we would probably have at least one of those corny inspirational posters. The one that this game reminds us of reads: ‘Achievement: You can do anything you set your mind to when you have vision, determination, and an endless supply of expendable labor,’ with three towering pyramids above the text.

Enter Pyramid Bloxx, where your main purpose is to guide blocks up mining shafts to build your monuments, a process well-fueled by “expendable” labor as only the Egyptians can do it.

Pyramid Bloxx is a sequel to the unique tower-building game Tower Bloxx, which we enjoyed. Whereas in Tower Bloxx, your goal was to build a tower by dropping sections on one another, Pyramid Bloxx brings pieces from the ground up. In the “Build Empire” campaign, your goal is to build three pyramids, accomplished by tossing different types of blocks from one level of the mineshaft up to the next, with a slave waiting on each level. A well-timed toss, and the next slave — check that, er, “Miner Toon” — gets a good grip and a combo bonus. Toss haphazardly and it’ll be swaying in their hands. If you miss entirely, there is a chance that the one who threw it will catch, but otherwise it takes damage. After three drops, the block breaks and you must start anew. This new way of gathering materials provides a quick-paced and hectic race to the top, and it offers up enough motivation to keep you going.

Once the block reaches the top of the mine, the point meter, which has been filling with your tosses and combos, empties while polishing the block while time runs out. Then it is taken to the pyramid site, where you place it according to the requirement of the block. Stones have different score — placing them in the pyramid adds to its score meter, which is filled with marks for progress. Each mark unlocks new stones or new buildings for your empire.

The only other mode is Quick Game, which involves guiding a sacred stone from one Toon to the next for a single pyramid. Being “sacred,” only one drop is allowed. Otherwise, the only variety in the game is provided by a few elements like the Double Fly, which enables Toons to throw the block higher, or the occasional natural disaster. The Quick Game is more difficult, not something we usually look for when seeking out a short game.

Pyramid Bloxx is an enjoyable casual game. For fans of the Bloxx series it may offer a suitable distraction. But with long load times at every turn and fewer modes and elements than Tower Bloxx, you might just want to stick with Tower Bloxx.

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