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Puzzler World XL iPad Review

Sometimes we have a hard time recommending games with a great control scheme due to a lack of content. Puzzler World XL for the iPad is just the opposite. The sheer number of puzzles is more than enough to keep anyone occupied for some time, but the controls will turn you away.

Puzzler World XL contains a huge variety of puzzles, presented through preset levels. Some of these include crosswords, word searches, Sudoku, spot the difference, fitword, hangman, and chain letters. There are also silhouettes where you need to fill in all the sections of a picture with a dot in them, and link-a-pix, which is like a smaller version of the white space puzzles in PathPix Pro.

Finally, a puzzle game that promotes healthy eating habits.

These puzzles have two modes. Challenge Mode has a level-based structure, and each level has a main puzzle and smaller bonus puzzle. All of the levels are unlocked from the get-go, so you can jump around to your favorite kinds of puzzles or move on if you find yourself stuck. After completing each puzzle, you pick from three presents, which offer bonuses such as extra hint coins. Quick Play picks from a pool of new puzzles and gives you the option of which one to play.

The downside to the puzzles is that for the most part they tend to be easy. Some of the crosswords can be tricky, but otherwise there isn’t often much challenge to be found.

What really pulls the enjoyment out of the package is the terrible interface. For word and number puzzles, you are given a tiny keyboard in the corner of the screen that often seems unresponsive. This fails to take advantage of the iPad’s biggest asset: its larger screen.

Puzzles that take direct input are, for the most part, good enough. However, it always feels as if there is a delay in the response time. This makes the link-a-pix puzzles in particular much less enjoyable.

Take the PathPix less traveled.

If you complete the hundreds of preloaded puzzles, more can be bought through two $0.99 puzzle packs via in-app purchases. There are also two versions of the game for the iPhone: UK and US. The differences between them are the crosswords and variations on how words are spelled, such as color and colour. These versions also suffer from the small keyboard, which is set up like a standard button-based phone keyboard.

If you are a puzzle fanatic and can accept plentiful content over a shoddy execution, then Puzzler World XL might be a good choice for you. However, we have a hard time recommending it due to its clunky interface.

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