Puzzle/Platformer Roll Out Announced

We just learned of a strange little puzzle-meets-platformer game that will be released soon for the iPhone and iPod Touch called Roll Out. In it you play as Wabba, an excited-looking beast that wants nothing more than to reach the exit of each level he finds himself in. To get him there, however, will take some quick reflexes and tough brain work on your part.

What really stands out about this game is the command input system. Like a lemming, Wabba is incapable of doing anything until you show him the way. Directional arrows and pause signs are littered throughout the screen, and to get Wabba to react, you must touch him with the signs by dragging the whole mess of them across the screen.

Roll Out will have 50 levels and will come equipped with OpenFeint for achievements and leaderboards. Posting your scores on Twitter and Facebook will also be an option.

The screenshots don’t really do this game justice, so be sure to check out the trailer below. Roll Out will tumble onto the App Store on June 4.

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