Puck Bowling Coming to iPhone with Strike Knight

The games in Backflip Studios’ recent lineup, including Ragdoll Blaster 2, Paper Toss: World Tour, and Harbor Havoc 3D, have been very well received. For this reason, we’re highly interested in their upcoming rendition of an arcade bowling game, Strike Knight.

The premise is simple: You flick a puck along a ramp towards pins, aiming to hit them when the moving point meter is in the center. From the screens and video, the bar atmosphere and taunting knight effects look pretty realistic. Both single player and multiplayer modes will be available.

Possibly even more interesting than the game itself is that this is the first of six completely free games Backflip Studios plans to release in the next couple of months. Strike Knight is expected to be submitted some time this week, and we look forward to getting a chance to try it out first-hand.

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