Project 83113 and Blobster are Free Today

In case you’re looking for a fun platformer but you’re fresh out of cash, today’s your lucky day. Blobster, Blobster HD, and the just-released Project 83113 are free to download today!

Blobster is a fairly standard platformer about a blob that wants to go from point A to point B. The unique thing about the game is the jumping mechanic, which involves you pulling down on the blob and letting go to launch him into the air. It’s a lot of fun, and the game’s many levels give you plenty of reasons to keep stretching and flinging. Read our review and then download it for free here.

Project 83113, meanwhile, is a frenetic auto-runner with some “bullet hell” aspects thrown in for good measure. You play as a bad-ass kitten with a large arsenal of weapons. Be sure to read our review and download if it looks like your cup of highly caffeinated tea.

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