Project 72

Project 72 is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Project 72 Review

Project 72 is one of the more impressive App Store feats: a quality title that was conceptualized and developed across three sleepless days. While most studios would spend a month on such a game, this four-man team was able to produce a playable and enjoyable product in a mere fraction of that time.

The concept powering Project 72 is simple, but well-executed. You must try and navigate your ship through the level as far as possible. As you fly onward, your jet fuel starts to deplete. To fill it back up, you must collect fuel packs scattered among the stars.

It may sound easy, but a multitude of obstacles block your way. Meteors and yellow ships blow up on impact, taking a large chunk from your fuel supply and slowing you down, while UFOs and black holes spell an instant game over if touched. Blue ships don’t hurt you besides slowing you down, but this can still be hazardous if the next fuel pack isn’t in sight. There are also two power-ups at your disposal: an accelerator and shield that blocks your ship from one obstacle.

Close encounters of the wrong kind.

To top off the addictive casual gameplay are online leaderboards. While they aren’t extensive, their inclusion in a game that took 72 hours is admirable, especially when other studios can work for half a year on a title and never add this feature. You don’t have an option of whether or not to submit your score, which some people may not like.

Project 72 has polished graphics, an original electronic soundtrack, and computerized voice-overs. This attention to detail is something missing in many casual titles, yet this team did a superb job.

The game itself, while not groundbreaking, is a lot of fun. The developers have really accomplished a remarkable feat here and we commend them for it. Launch over to the App Store and pick up this game for only $0.99.

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