Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame Announced

Ubisoft has announced that they’re bringing the second game in the original Prince of Persia series to iOS, with revamped graphics and control schemes. Much like last year’s Prince of Persia Classic, this game, subtitled The Shadow and the Flame, will put a modern sheen on the 1993 PC game Prince of Persia 2.


The iOS game will be more than just a re-skin, however. The developers say they treated the original game as a “blueprint” for the new one, but it sounds like they’ve colored outside the lines quite a bit. While the original PoP 2 is often remembered for its challenging platforming and combat, the iOS version will be much more casual-friendly. In the press materials they sent to us, one of the developers said the following.

Casual gamers will be able to finish the game in story mode while more mid-core gamers will challenge themselves by completing it as fast as they can. The main difference will be found in the store which provides ways to enhance your experience. You can acquire weapons from the PoP console games, more efficient combos for your fights, health and revive potions for a deeper exploration of the levels.


Whether the changes will leave fans of the original up in arms or not remains to be seen. Ubisoft hasn’t announced a release date for Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame yet, but they promise it’s coming “soon.”

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