Zombie Highway Hands-On Preview and Video

You’ve watched this scene countless times in zombie movies. The heroes, escaping in a vehicle, are attacked by zombies who leap onto their car and hold on to the sides. The quick-thinking heroes swerve into debris, clipping the zombies and sending them flying. Now in Zombie Highway, you can recreate this scene endlessly on the iPhone.

Using tilt controls, Zombie Highway nails the feeling of driving an out-of-control SUV through the middle of a horror film. Your goal is to stay alive as long as possible, but as more zombies pile on for a joyride, they’ll rock your SUV to tip you over or send you into a head-on collision.

In addition to knocking them off by narrowly passing nearby cars, you’ll unlock a range of weapons that can be fired out your SUV’s windows. These include pistols of varying calibers, shotguns, and machine guns. To fire, you tap one of the four corners of the screen, indicating which window you’re aiming out of. There’s a special kind of satisfaction in weakening a zombie hitchhiker with a few rounds from your gun, before finishing them off with a sideswipe near an abandoned truck.

Zombie Highway has that irresistible “one more try” factor, but there are a few areas we found a bit lacking. One is that the scenery is fairly dull, with a wide-open desert that stretches as far as the eye can see. Your only obstacles are abandoned cars, but we think that crowded city streets or narrow mountain ranges would be a lot of fun.

Also, the game currently only uses Facebook Connect for high scores, while we’d prefer an iPhone social service like OpenFeint.

Zombie Highway has a simple but inspired concept, one that reminds us of Fruit Ninja. It’s hard to imagine this game hadn’t been made before, but now that it has, it seems obvious in retrospect. You can download Zombie Highway on the App Store August 27.

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