Virtual Villagers 2 First Look

Last Day of Work just released Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children on the App Store at an introductory price $1.99. Mind you, this is a completely different game than the original Virtual Villagers… and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The first iPhone Virtual Villagers, developed and published by Vivendi Games Mobile back in 2008, enjoyed tremendous success and is still fairly popular. Unfortunately, VGM went under, leading to that game’s repossession by Big Fish Games.

The iPhone rights to Virtual Villagers 2 apparently reverted to Last Day of Work, the developer of the original PC games. This means that VV2 has a new art style and new game mechanics–by which we mean the old art style and gameplay from the PC game.

Here’s a video of the PC version to give you a basic idea of what the game looks like. We’ll report back with a review ASAP.

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