Vampire Origins Preview

Vampires have been around for ages. Through countless appearances in movies, games, and books, they have become one of the most famous villains of all time. But we still don’t know how they were discovered in the first place, and that’s where Vampire Origins comes in.

The gameplay in Vampire Origins is based around what Ice Hill’s Roman Mazovetskiy described in an e-mail to us as an ‘intuitive point and click controls that give a player a unique opportunity to interact with a game.’ Basically, you tap where you want the character to shoot, and he does it. Mazovetskiy said there will be an alternative control method to further enhance the gameplay, but he did not elaborate on that in his e-mail.

Aside from battling hordes of zombies in an overhead view, the game also will include close-up sword fights, putting you face to face with your opponent. Most of these battles will be against the main enemies of the game. ‘These highly detailed combat sequences will be like mini-games,’ Mazovetskiy wrote. They will also control differently, having the player slide his finger around the screen to attack and defend.

However, Vampire Origins is not all about the action–Mazovetskiy boasts of a strong storyline to complement it as well. As the title suggests, it will be about the first confrontations between humans and vampires.

‘There are few games in AppStore that possess an immersive atmosphere and give players something more challenging than just kill-them-all gameplay,’ Mazovetskiy wrote. ‘A strong storyline leads the player through the game. We created a game where you don’t just play the game to look at modern graphics with stunning visual effects, but you also sympathize with the main hero and try to steer his destiny.’

Mazovetskiy noted that the game won’t launch with any 3.0 features, though he said it could be a possibility for future updates. At this time the engine is almost complete and too far along to include 3.0 features at launch.

Mazovetskiy said game will launch with the full storyline, so future content updates will likely consist of new features and improvements to extend the depth of the gameplay, not the plot. Vampire Origins still has no set price, but Ice Hill is aiming for a worldwide release this fall.

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