UniWar First Look

Javaground, the developer of Wheel Of Fortune for Sony Pictures Television, is self-publishing a new turn-based strategy game: UniWar. We’ve got the exclusive details!

The developer describes UniWar as a hybrid “between Advance Wars and Starcraft.” It’s played on a big board full of hexes, with many different types of units and terrain. The game’s specialty will be online multiplayer, with up to eight players supported per game.

Here’s a partial feature list from the developer:

- 3 races, each with eight varied units.

- 50+ maps to choose from with up to 8 players online.

- Team play allows 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4.

- Campain Mode with 21 missions.

- Worldwide Global Ladder.

- Email notifications when it is your turn.

- In-game chat channel and server main chat room.

- Dedicated game ladder.

- Rated or unrated game selection.

- Game settings include fog of war and online bots.

We’ll definitely be checking out this ambitious online wargame when it comes out sometime next week. Until then, take a look at these screenshots.

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