Tron Legacy Hands-On Preview

Disney has released their free Tron app in anticipation of a big showing for the movie and tie-in games at this week’s San Diego Comic-Con. Read on to find out what’s inside.

The free Tron app contains trailers for the movie, Tron Legacy, and for the console game Tron Evolution. It also contains a tank battle game called Tanks Arcade, which you can find under the “Enter the Grid” menu option.

In Tanks Arcade, you can choose one of three colored factions and face against off in arenas of 2, 4, or 6 tanks. The winner will bring more influence to their faction, whose rankings are shown on the main menu.

There weren’t a lot of competitors when we tried playing, but maybe as buzz builds for this free online game and more movie information is revealed at Comic-Con, we’ll be seeing more action online.

Also, if you use a binary translator on the app’s description, you’ll get this message: “This TRON app will evolve. ComiTRON coming 072210.” We’ll have more on Tron at Comic-Con later this week.

The free TRON app continues to evolve. Its latest update brings with it a new version of the Light Cycles game from the TRON Arcade, plus the ability to stream Daft Punk’s new single “Derezzed” from the TRON:Legacy soundtrack (which will be released on December 7).

The gameplay in Light Cycles is probably familiar to most longtime gamers. You and your opponents control vehicles that move forward automatically and leave trails of instant death behind them. The goal is destroy your enemies by making them run into your vehicle’s trail. It takes quick thinking and fast reflexes, and since each level is an enclosed arena, the action is intense from the start.

The version of Light Cycles included here contains six levels, with the option to play through the single-player campaign or online multiplayer Honestly, this is one of the best Light Cycles games we’ve ever played. If you like this kind of game, or if you’re a Daft Punk fan, download this free app now.

Disney is finally releasing a follow-up film to the cult hit Tron. Later this year the onscreen adventures of Kevin Flynn will continue after decades of waiting, but Tron has already been an influence in the video game industry long since the release of the first film.

The App Store is filled with light cycle racing clones and derivations on other Tron-based minigames. Naturally, Disney Interactive Studios is developing new iPhone games based on the film that feature its high-res flair. During E3 we were able to sample Tron Legacy for the iPhone.

Much like the recently released Toy Story 3 app, Tron Legacy will be a portal for all things Tron. It’s a free download with content that can be unlocked by in-app purchases. Disney plans to release three separate games inside the portal: Tanks, Light Cycle Racing, and Discs. If you’re a fan of light cycles and not tanks, you can choose which games you want. There will also be 2-D and 3-D versions of some of the games, adding some variety to each offering.

The only minigame available for us to play during E3 was Tanks. Tanks is a twin-stick shooter that has you navigating tight corridors while doing battle with spider-bots and other baddies. The demo we experienced has some nice visuals, but the gameplay was pretty slow and is obviously still being tweaked.

Disney is also implementing social tools in Tron Legacy that will have you choosing which side to fight for. Red, green, blue, and yellow factions will duke it out for online supremacy. You’ll be given live stats as the tug-of-war between the different colors rages on.

The visuals are slick and the interface is tight, but this app will live or die based on how well Disney can recreate the classic games of Tron. The film will be released in December, but you can expect the iPhone games well in advance. Stay with us for more coverage on Tron Legacy as the app continues to grow.

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