Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D First Look

We knew it was only a matter of time before Digital Chocolate brought Tower Bloxx, one of the most celebrated mobile games of the last several years, to the iPhone. The $5.99 Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D plays the same as the original, but it features souped-up graphics and a few other new tricks as well.

Although opinions vary, many mobile games journalists believe that Tower Bloxx was main source of the one-button design revolution in mobile games–the final realization that mobile and console were irreconcilably different platforms… and that it was okay! In fact, concepts like Tower Bloxx are much better served without complex gameplay and controls, which only get in the way of the fun. This game is half carnival skill test, half spatial puzzle, and completely addictive throughout.

The skill-based section involves dropping building sections from an oscillating hook to form as straight a tower as possible. The higher you get, the more your tiny errors of placement compound, causing the building to sway and raising the degree of difficulty. Unlike similar iPhone games like Topple, you can’t counteract the swaying using tilt controls, so precision is key.

The puzzle half requires you to strategically plop these completed towers down on a city map to max out your population. There are four different colors of tower (blue, red, green and yellow, in order of ascending height and population), and there are criteria for placing them–for instance, red towers may only be placed next to blue, and green need to be next to a red and a blue.

Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D is similar to the premium PC version of the game in terms of its enhanced presentation, which sports 3D-modeled buildings and much fancier backgrounds and interface graphics. It also includes a Time Attack mode for seeing how tall you can grow a single tower, as well as a two-player Party Game mode that’s a split-screen competitive race between two builders.

We’ll be reviewing this game in the near future. For the moment, you can give the free web version a try here, and check out footage of the premium PC version below.

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