The Incident Hands-On Preview

How’s this for a concept? The upcoming iPhone game The Incident plays like a cross between Katamari Damacy and Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. You play as Frank, an average guy who one day finds that the sky is falling, raining random objects onto his head.

Half of the fun of The Incident is in avoiding these objects for as long as you can, scaling the mountain of junk that they create. Powerups like a protective helmet and health upgrades will drift upwards tied to balloons, but you have to watch out for bombs, which can cause just as much damage as a piano falling on your head.

The other half of the fun is in seeing what kind of random objects come crashing down. Ordinary objects like cars, crates, and bicycles are mixed with more bizarre objects like moai heads, Greek columns, and cellos. You’ll get a quick heads-up from a blinking bar at the top of the screen that tells you something’s about to crash down, but until it falls on you, you’ll have no idea what it actually is.

The Incident is mainly controlled by tilt, with a single tap on the screen to make Frank jump. One survival tactic we found was that you can use long objects like grandfather clocks to help shield you from falling debris, but at a certain point you’ll become stuck and have to be whisked back to the top of the heap by a magical green bubble.

The Incident looks incredibly silly, but in a good way. It has a surprising amount of charm and replayability– you’ll definitely want to keep playing to see all the various items that fall from the sky. And the pixel graphics are pixel-perfect, taking a retro style and adding a surreal twist.

You can stay on top of The Incident’s development with Big Bucket Software’s very interesting blog or the game’s website. We don’t have word yet on a release date, but we’re hoping to see it on the App Store soon.

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