Sway First Look

Fresh from the makers of Touchgrind and Labyrinth comes… a platforming game that looks a bit like LittleBigPlanet! Most excellent!

Sway, developed by Swedish firm ReadyFireAim and published by fellow Swedes Illusion Labs, is a neat-looking game that’s all about swinging from object to object across a level, Tarzan style. The soft-modeled characters look to use “ragdoll” physics for convincing movement, and are rendered in a similar visual style to LBP’s Sack People.

From ReadyFireAim’s page:

“The trailer for our first game is out! The world of Sway exploded and you must help Lizzy the Lizard find her friends by swinging her through the world. When you find Ninja, Pappman or one of the others you can play them as well! Lizzy the lizard and her friends can grab and swing in beautiful bouncy physics simulation with a little help from your fingers.”

We have no additional information on the game at this time, other than the fact that it’s due out sometime in February.

[from Touch Arcade]

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