Super Shock Football Hands-On

When we heard Chillingo and Steamroller studios were working together to release Super Shock Football, we were expecting an effort similar to Madden 2010 and NFL 2010. However, what we got was a unique top-down experience that seems aimed at the niche audience who remembers old-school vibrating electric football machines. Our impressions, after going hands-on with the game, are up ahead.

Unlike other football games, the concept doesn’t involve controlling every single movement of your players, but instead making quick tactical decisions as to where to throw the ball. In fact, you aren’t even given control over character movement. The players will freely and randomly move around the screen, and your goal is to simply pass the ball to a teammate further up the field. This is done by holding down on the screen and dragging around a target to where you want the ball to go.

The other aspect of the game you’re given control over is the decision of which plays to use, although selection is limited to around six to eight plays per offense and defense. There is also the option to manually move around players to your liking. It was unclear whether the placement of your team affected their movements, but we suspect there might be some kind of correlation.

One of the features we appreciated most was the ability to customize the number of teammates and length of the game. There are also six teams to choose from, and stats such as rushing yards and a win-loss ratio for games will allow players to make their own ‘tournaments’, in theory. Pass and play multiplayer and quick play mode (for those who don’t want to worry about options) are also included.

OpenFeint integration was as seamless as always, and the developers did a great job of implementing 40 achievements and tons of leaderboards covering various parts of the game.

Super Shock Football may be too simple to satisfy some of the elite football gamers, but it is definitely unique when compared to other interpretations of the genre. It has already been submitted to the App Store, so we hope to see it out soon.

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