Steam Pirates Hands-On Preview and Video

Developer Luc Bernard has been hard at work since releasing Mecho Wars. His latest creation is Steam Pirates, a traditional RPG with a unique artistic style. Forgoing the massive battles of Mecho Wars, Steam Pirates is a much more intimate engagement.

You’ll play as Kat, a human orphan who was left at the doorstep of a charitable family of cats living in the Cat Empire. Kat doesn’t really fit into the Cat Empire, and is mocked and teased for being human. Kat becomes a mercenary, traversing the high seas in search of coin and adventure. Kat’s journeys takes her to some strange locations swarming with menacing adversaries.

The combat of Steam Pirates is turn-based and similar to the Final Fantasy games. The pacing is much slower than the combat in Mecho Wars, but it still requires strategy to survive.

Kat and her crew will have a number of abilities to use in combat, including leadership, which increases your party’s speed, which means more chances for you to deal damage. Your crew will level up over time, giving you more offensive and defensive skills. You’ll have some powerful tools as well, including bombs of the fire, ice, and acid variety.

The combat is a blast, but the real star here is the world Bernard has created. You’ll meet some strange and lovable characters along the way, including a Pug named Jean who will give you new missions. Your enemies range from cats with cannons to robo-nurses that act as healers. The atmosphere is strange and wonderful as well, and the levels seem vast and detailed.

Steam Pirates is really shaping up to be something special. In a world with a thousand movie tie-in games and old franchises chugging along, it’s refreshing to play something so original. Steam Pirates will be released soon.

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