Spin First Look

We’ve received word that Secret Exit (the guys behind Zen Bound) will soon be releasing its second game, Spin.

In the developer’s words:

“Spin is a game that challenges shape recognition, one of the fastest mechanisms of the human brain. There are three game modes, unlockable trophies and a hundred different 3D objects. In other words, plenty to play and high scores to beat.

The iPhone version of Spin takes advantage of the multi-touch controls, allowing the players to quickly spin objects in three axes using simple gestures. With the updated controls (multi-touch makes a huge difference in gameplay), re-tuned difficulty levels and the large screen on the iPhone, this is the definitive mobile version.

Spin is the winner of two awards at Mobile Game Innovation Hunt in GDC 2007 and a Forum Nokia Pro Award. It was also an IMGA nominee in 2006 for Most Innovative Game.

The keen of eye may recognize the game by another name, the change is due to trademark issues.”

We’re not sure which game he means, although the game reminds us a little of that one minigame from Wii Play. Anyone know the answer?

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