Skies of Glory Hands-On Preview

Skies of Glory has just hit the App Store, for the price of “free with DLC”. One of the available features is online multiplayer for up to 8 planes, over wi-fi or 3G. Could this be the Eliminate Pro of dogfighting sims? We’ll bring you our review soon.

As the follow-up to F.A.S.T., SGN’s upcoming flight combat sim Skies of Glory is more different than you might think. From what we played, we think this easily accessible WW2 game will not be as intimidating to newcomers. One reason is that it’s not as “fast”, but also because Skies of Glory will be a free-to-play game entirely supported by revenue from downloadable content.

Skies of Glory is a propeller-plane WW2 dogfighting game that takes place over Britain and the Pacific. The single-player campaigns appear to offer quite a bit. We’re told by SGN that there will be over 100 mission training exercises and 10 campaign missions, but the real draw will be the multiplayer modes, like free-for-all, capture-the-flag, and team-based dogfighting.

Like F.A.S.T., Skies of Glory will have internet multiplayer via wifi, and local multiplayer via wifi and Bluetooth. Local wifi will allow up to eight players, while four can play through BT.

The controls were pretty easy to get into: tilting the device will move your plane around, and you can lean hard to go into a barrel roll. There are two rudders as well, and two fire buttons to let loose machine guns or rockets.

Like Star Wars Trench Run, Skies of Glory has multiple views, including one inside the cockpit. One nice graphical effect is the way bullet holes will appear in your windshield as you take fire from enemies.

If you want, you can put on your own music with the game’s iPod music player. And, you’ll be able to buy additional weapons, plane models, and gear using in-app purchases.

We couldn’t get too deep into the game on this first pass, but we do think Skies of Glory will be even more appealing than F.A.S.T. in some respects. These propeller planes may not be supersonic, but it still takes some real concentration and skill to shoot down enemy fighters. Skies of Glory should be out by the end of the year.

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