Silent Hill The Escape Hands-On Impressions

Konami’s freak-filled horrorshow, Silent Hill, has finally crept its way onto the US App Store. We spent a few minutes with the game to see how the survival horror gameplay translates to the iPhone.

Silent Hill The Escape may look like a first-person shooter, but that’s misleading. It’s really more of a static shooting gallery game. For example, you can only turn at right angles, and there’s no strafing. We’ve only encountered one weapon in our time with the game–the default pistol–but it’s possible there are others to be found.

The enemies we’ve seen so far, like the faceless nurse and the haunted wheelchair (!), approach deliberately, so you have plenty of time to tilt around and center your crosshair appropriately. A single shot to the head does it for the nurses.

The levels look about right: demented hospital wards smeared with blood. The soundtrack, consisting of freaky alien drones and ambient clanking, is appropriately strange as well. You go on a key hunt through each maze-like stage, and then proceed to unlock the exit and escape. You are then graded on your time and accuracy.

We’ll get our review up soon. Here’s some gameplay video to tide you over till then.

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