Shooter First Look

Paramount Digital Entertainment’s not shy about delving into its huge film library to make iPhone games–there’s something in there for everyone, from the action-packed Iron Man to the nostalgic boogying of Saturday Night Fever. Paramount’s reps sent us an email about the company’s next game: Shooter, an underrated (in our opinion) Mark Wahlberg vehicle from 2007.

Shooter is a marksmanship game in the vein of i Sniper, but with clearly superior production values. You’ve got your trusty high-powered rifle, of course, but there’s also a bunch of other hardware to play with, including hand grenades, pistols, and assault weapons.

There looks to be some nice level variety in store, too, from tense hostage rescue situations to combat against truck-mounted machine guns. There are 30 missions in all, as well as lots of medals to earn for exceptional shooting prowess.

Shooter could be out as soon as this week, so keep your eyes peeled and your heart rate down.

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