Saga Catapult Hands-On

Utah-based developer Silverlode is entering the iPhone arena this summer with two games based on their PC MMORTS, Saga. The first, Saga Catapult, is an action-based tower defense game that is centered on the concept of beaming orcs in the brain with a heavy hunk of rock.

Saga Catapult in Action

You don’t have to build any defenses yourself. Instead, all you need is a catapult and a quarry’s supply of rocks. By simply tapping anywhere on the screen along a dirt path, your boulders will fly out to meet the shambling hordes. In the early levels we played, only a few thugs slowly moved from left to right, but later a tougher ogre that took multiple shots came by to eat our villagers.

The environments and enemy characters are all based on assets from Saga on the PC, so they’re in 3d and look pretty nice, even if they’re often viewed from very far away. Using gold you earn by bopping bad guys, you can unlock new catapult options like a nice “aftertouch” effect that lets you glide rocks left and right by tilting the iPhone.

That’s pretty much Saga Catapult in a nutshell. As for the other Saga-based iPhone game coming this year, it’s called Saga Tactics, and we’ll have more on that online, turn-based strategy game in just a few months.

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