Real Racing First Look

Firemint released an updated version of its pre-Beta video with annotations explaining what’s going on, and outlining a few of the game’s features. Here’s the new info we’ve got, in a nutshell:

  • Up to six cars on screen at any time
  • HUDless Real Racing cockpit view with dash instruments showing race data
  • Several control modes, including accelerometer steering, no brake assist or auto acceleration – touch the screen to accelerate and brake
  • Soundtrack features licensed songs
  • AI opponents with different personalities, eg aggressive or careless

Check out the new video below (now in HD) for Firemint’s notes.

We’ve added another video detailing one of Real Racing’s niftier connected features: users can upload auto-generated footage of their best laps directly to YouTube! The game even seems to take care of all the camera work for you. If there’s another iPhone game out there with this kind of Gran Turismo-esque functionality built into it, we haven’t heard about it. Neat stuff!

Firemint’s put out yet another pre-release video for Real Racing. It looks like a more advanced UI is in place for this latest build; we get a look at the game’s menus and track selections, as well as many new types and colors of cars. This game is clearly almost ready for prime time, and we are pretty sure we’ll be going hands-on with it at GDC next week!

In addition, Firemint’s released an updated feature list:

* Boasting via Broadcast �” Upload video replays of your laps to YouTube with the push of a button.

* Unique In-Car View �” Cockpit view with animated driver and instruments showing race data.

* Control Options �” Firemint Real Racing includes combinations of accelerometer or touch-based steering, automatic or touch-based acceleration and automatic or touch-based braking.

* Pick Your Ride �” 36 cars, 12 tracks, four modes of play, three classes and three divisions provide exciting variety and replay value.

* iPhone Racing Simulator �” Players can experience the thrill of racing anytime, any place.

* Connected Car Racing �” In addition to YouTube functionality, players can sign up for league racing online and use social media networks to compare their times with friends.

* Advanced AI �” Opponents each have different personalities affecting the way they compete. Some are aggressive, some are careless, and they all want to outrace you!

Aussie dev shop Firemint justed posted up a pre-Beta YouTube of its upcoming iPhone racer Real Racing… and it looks positively awesome!

According to PocketGamer, Real Racing will have head-to-head Internet and WiFi multiplayer, as well as lots of community and league creation features. There will even be a social networking tie-in, in the form of an unspecified Facebook application.

We have no information on when Real Racing is due out, or how much it will cost, but we’ll do some detective work and see what we can dig up. Between this and Need For Speed Undercover, it looks like the next generation of iPhone racing games may truly give the PSP and DS a run for their money.

[from PocketGamer]

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