PuzzleQuest: Chapter 1 First Look

One of our questions was answered immediately upon booting up Puzzle Quest. The game quickly asks you to establish an account for your character server-side, so you can access it in other Puzzle Quest games. This is a good initial sign, in our book.

Puzzle Quest is finally here! Well, a third of it, anyway.

$9.99 will net you what the App Store page describes as “the first chapter in the trilogy of the Puzzle Quest: Challenge Of The Warlords,” which has previously gathered major critical accolades on Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, and XBox Live Arcade.

We’re happy to see the game for sale, and we of course purchased it immediately (we own all three console incarnations, as it’s one of our favorite games of all time), but we have a few questions about the iPhone version.

First of all, this game is said to culminate in a fight against an Orc chieftan named Gruulkar, but we don’t remember him from our previous playthroughs. That’s probably due to our faulty recollection, though. Secondly, the game supposedly has 20 hours of gameplay… but that’s about what the entire game was good for on DS, and this is just the first third. Quizzical. Finally, we wonder if it will be possible to transfer your character from Chapter 1 to Chapters 2 and 3, when they make it to the App Store. It had better be.

We’re going to start playing immediately, and we’ll provide you with more insight into these questions and others as soon as we can. Video will probably be going up later today.

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