Prey Invasion Hands-On

Hands-On Mobile is as good as its name. The mobile publisher gave us a sneak peek at a nearly completed version of Prey Invasion. Limber up your spirit bow and check out our video hands-on of this upcoming FPS!

If there’s one thing Native American shamans hate, it’s alien invaders. Prey Invasion’s hero, Tommy, first beat back the sinister forces of The Sphere back in 2006. Now he’s back to rescue his girl and put the hurt on some more alien nasties.

There are six levels of shooter action in Prey Invasion, which a Hands-On rep told us should be good for “a couple of hours” of gameplay. Tommy’s got access to six weapons, including the trusty wrench, a hunting rifle, and the spirit bow.

The divide between the physical and spiritual worlds factors big into gameplay, just as in the PC game. For instance, if you take too much damage in the real world, you’ll get booted onto the astral plane; successfully hunting dragon-like creatures there with the bow will allow you return to life.

Spirit powers aside, Prey Invasion’s graphics are definitely the main attraction. The game’s 3D engine runs at a very respectable clip, and the textures look great, too. And the animation… egad. Some of these creatures practically pop right out of the screen at you.

Meanwhile, the controls are highly customizable. You can switch between dual analog sticks and dual d-pads for movement, and move them around on the screen until you’re comfortable.

Prey Invasion was just submitted to Apple, so it should soon be on sale at $2.99.

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