Pop First Look

The “bubble popper” is one of the App Store’s more prevalent varieties of puzzle game. Sometimes you’re popping ‘em in a grid, sometimes you’re popping ‘em in a line… and sometimes, as in Nnooo’s Pop, you’re just popping everything in sight, both thumbs flying.

Pop makes its way to the iPhone from Nintendo’s WiiWare service, where it made its debut as a launch title earlier this summer. The gameplay is abstract, but very simple: multicolored bubbles stream onto the screen from every cardinal direction, and you touch them to make a gratifying pop.

There’s more to it than that–for instance, you can chain like-colored pops together for score boosters, drag and shake bubbles to create shockwaves, and hit power-ups (and power-downs)–but the core idea is not unlike taking an unending sheet of bubble wrap and satisfying that primal urge to pop, pop, pop. We haven’t played Pop all that much yet, but it definitely appeals to our animal back-brains; it’s almost hypnotic, in a way. Pop costs $4.99 in the App Store.

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