Polyhedra Hands-On

We at Slide To Play reserve a tiny section of our frigid, blackened hearts for games designed from the ground up for the iPhone/iPod Touch hardware. Polyhedra, a casual game from developer Binary Hammer, is such a game: it could exist on no other system.

A bit of the bubbly?

In the game, you’re asked to pick a shape from a selection of circle, square, octagon, and the like. Then the game begins and you’re greeted with soothing electronica music and a colorful background that oozes and swirls like a lava lamp. You’ll notice that tiny enemy particles are floating around, bouncing off the edges of the screen. The object of the game is simple: using a limited number of shapes, fill up 66% of the screen space with the shape you selected.

You hold your finger down anywhere on the screen to grow a shape. As your shape grows, you can slide it around to avoid the enemy particles. If an enemy particle touches your shape, it bursts like an overinflated balloon.

Once you remove your finger, however, the tables are turned: the shape solidifies and drops to the ground. Enemy particles can’t pass through the solidified shapes, meaning that clever players will use shapes to trap the little buggers. Rotate your iDevice, and the solidified shapes tumble to whatever edge of the screen is closest to the floor.

There are infinite levels for each shape; each level adds one more enemy particle to up the difficulty. You get a game over when you fail to fill up two thirds of the screen with the limited number of shapes available.

High scores are recorded via AGON, an online social platform. Binary Hammer assures us that achievements will be added in an update.

Polyhedra offers a trippy experience that, as you progress, becomes increasingly hectic. We’re told the game has already been submitted to the App Store and will sell for $1.99. Groovy.

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