Plushed Hands-On Preview

Plushed has just hit the App Store. You can buy it now for $1.99. We enjoyed this one in our preview, so either wait for our full review or just jump on it like a pizza-snatching bunny knight!

Ever since we saw the first trailer for Plushed, an adorable platformer with a unique art direction, we’ve been eager to try it out. We finally had a chance to play through part of the game, and so far we are impressed with the amount of character we’ve seen.

The story starts off with a girl and her stuffed animal bunny. She comes upon a fairy mouse in her room one night, which grants her one wish. However, it turns out this fairy mouse has been having hunger pangs and her scrawny friend is getting upset. So, when the girl asks to become a fairy princess, the scrawny mouse attacks the fairy and the spell accidentally hits a fairy tale book. This sucks the girl and her bunny in. The bunny then comes to life, attains a comical talking sword, and goes on a quest to save his owner.

It is here that you find how twisted this fairy tale is. Each world is teeming with psychotic enemies, such as sugar-high children and rampaging block-headed unicorns. If you ever hit an enemy, you go back to the last checkpoint. Believe us when we say you inevitably will, which is why we welcomed the unlimited lives.

The coolest part of Plushed, however, is how you solve problems. For example, pizza eaters crave pizza, and giving it to them will make them fall asleep so you can bounce off of them. Lets say you want to move the pizza eater to a different spot, though. You then take the pizza and wave it in front of them. As a result, they’ll then follow you. It sounds simple, but figuring everything out is a joy.

Each level has golden scarabs scattered around it. As you collect these, new minigames (of which there are a total of three) open up. So far we have unlocked a twist on copter and a mining game where you catch falling jewels while avoiding other objects such as rotten old sneakers. The lack of high scores for these was disappointing, but we still enjoyed trying each out.

The highlight of our time with the game was a boss battle with Little Red, an obese Red Riding Hood who eats loads of candy despite the fact that she is diabetic. Hitting her with a rock and luring out a rat with pizza to climb on her is absurd yet hilarious.

Plushed is looking to be a great platformer, and seems to be living up to our expectations. The game has been submitted to Apple and will cost $1.99 at launch. Check back for our full review when the game launches.

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