PapiJump Land First Look

PapiJump Land, the newest of Sunflat’s casual platforming games, is out on the App Store for 99 cents. The biggest new feature? Mr. Papi’s bounced into the third dimension (sort of)! Those juicy hamburgers taste so much better now that they have some depth to them, don’t they?

Mr. Papi hasn’t changed a bit from PapiJump Plus. He still has a big grin pasted on his bouncy-ball face, bounces everywhere he goes, and craves hamburgers like the dickens. But the perspective in PapiJump Land has made the switch from vertical scrolling to top-down, creating a whole new host of problems for our magenta hero.

In addition, the levels are no longer randomly generated–they’re now designed with moving platforms, enemies that hover up and down, and other hazards to jump over and around. There are 30 stages to work through, and some of them have secret items stashed on them, according to the developer.

We’re jumping right into PapiJump Land, and we’ll let you know what we find out!

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