newtonica2 First Look

Until recently, the Japanese App Store has been something of a land of mysteries for Western iPhone gamers… but that is gradually starting to change, as big-name games like Silent Hill filter across the Pacific. Developer Kyoko Yamashita wrote in with word of another interesting Japanese game now for sale on the US iTunes: newtonica2.

According to the press release, the original newtonica is the #1 App in Japan; we found this almost impossible to believe until we opened up newtonica2. We’ve only played for a few minutes, but we’re finding it to be one of the most delightfully strange games we’ve seen in a while.

Basically, you’re trying to putt a “Space Ducky” into a wormhole using shockwaves that radiate out of special planets when you touch them. Weird? Absolutely. Japanese? Most definitely! Everything about this game, from its crazy mirrored font to the Minority Report UI, screams “JAPAN!!!” at the top of its lungs.

newtonica2 offers up 36 puzzling levels for 99 cents. We’ll be reviewing this one for sure, so stay tuned.

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