Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus Hands-On Preview and New Trailer

Recently, a reader commented when we posted screenshots of Modern Combat 2, saying ‘Honestly the closer they get to Call of Duty mechanics and story line, the happier I will be.’ Well, reader, prepare to be very happy indeed.

Modern Combat 2, if you didn’t know it was a separate series, is virtually indistinguishable from Call of Duty. Two giant improvements set this sequel apart from the first Modern Combat: a variety of new locations, and much smarter enemy A.I.

The three types of environments in Modern Combat 2 are Eastern Europe, South America, and once again, the Middle East. We got a chance to play through all three, and were thoroughly impressed by the level of quality in the graphics. There’s no doubt that Gameloft is getting scary-good at squeezing all the power out of the iPhone as they possibly can. And sure enough, the graphics are Retina-ready.

In the first level, an escape from terrorists in a South American jungle, you’ll learn the basics of combat and movement in a more engaging tutorial than the last game’s obstacle course and shooting range. Here, you’re facing bad guys right from the start, after your buddy waves his gun back and forth in front of your face to make sure you know how to move the first-person camera. Before long, you’ll be sneaking up on enemies, stealthily stabbing them, and blowing up barrels to clear a path for your escape.

Speaking of stealth, the snowy European level had a stealthy aspect to it as well. Your machine guns and pistols in this level are equipped with a silencer, encouraging you to avoid open firefights and instead pick off enemies at a distance. The enemies are much smarter this time, so instead of staying in one spot, they’ll try to flank you like in NOVA and Brothers in Arms 2.

Modern Combat 2 has one more trick up its sleeve: four different multiplayer modes. You’ll be able to play Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Defuse the Bomb, and Capture the Flag on five different maps with up to ten players. We didn’t get to try this out, but we’re definitely looking forward to it.

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus looks like a big step forward for the series, especially in terms of the graphics, varied environments, and artificial intelligence. It should also be a bit longer, with a more complete online mode. MC2: Black Pegasus lands in the App Store next month.

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