Mini Golf Wacky Worlds Hands-On

Glu, sick of making highly rational, unimaginative games like Glyder (/sarcasm), is taking a different tack for Mini Golf Wacky Worlds.

Let your hair down, loosen that tie, and grab your putter, Poindexter! It’s time to get wacky!

Mmmm… cheese…

Minigolf is a pretty frivolous game to begin with, but this game’s mentality kicks it all up a notch. The four nine-hole courses are set in some very strange environments. For instance, one is built entirely of cheddar cheese.

The golfers are pretty goofy as well–our preview golfer looked suspiciously like Jesse Ventura, complete with mustache and balding pony tail. In addition to standard minigolf for par, there’s also a Gopher Mode where the furry critters pop out of the ground to disrupt your shot.

We only played Mini Golf Wacky Worlds for a few minutes, but we appreciated its warped sense of humor and solid, if unexceptional, golf gameplay. This one will be out sometime in August. Our gameplay video will be up as soon as it’s edited.

Glu also gave us a peek at Family Guy: Uncensored, which will be coming to the iPhone in September (it’s currently out on Android, and we got our preview on a G1).

This is a Family Guy-themed collection of seven minigames, recounting the Griffin family’s efforts to deal with a power outage in Quahog. You have to play through the game to unlock each minigames, which are spaced out with original animated cutscenes (these use game sprites and assets, not full Family Guy cartoons).

The minigames play on memorable jokes from the series. One has you playing Brian as he tries to escape Stewie’s wrath (“Where’s my money, Brian?!”). In another, you’re swingin’ from vine to vine as a loincloth-clad Quagmire. We also tried our hand at a fistfight between Peter and a giant chicken on top of a moving semi truck.

The gameplay’s super simple in all cases, but we can see this being a good casual option for fans of the series.

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