Marble Blast Mobile Hands-On

We met up with representatives of GarageGames earlier today at the iGames Summit in San Francisco to check out Marble Blast Mobile, the forthcoming iPhone port of the developer’s wildly popular XBLA title Marble Blast Ultra.

Marble Blast Mobile is a nimble ball-rolling arcade game that’s basically a majorly souped-up Marble Madness. The idea is to roll a marble around a level collecting red flags as quickly as possible. The convoluted levels are filled with dips, peaks, twists and valleys to keep you tilting your iPhone like crazy. There are also some basic powerups to better navigate the terrain, like a turbo boost and a jumbo jump.

Marble Blast Mobile certainly isn’t a complicated game, but we had some fun with it in the few minutes we played–and we imagine the promised Internet multiplayer will make it even better. We were told that the game’s getting submitted to Apple in three or four weeks, and although we don’t have word of a price yet, GarageGames has said that it won’t be a budget game.

The feature list:

* Marble Blast gameplay on iPhone & iPod Touch devices

* 20 levels to complete with 10 multiplayer-playable levels

* Play multiplayer against 4-8 friends

* Record best times and try for the gold medal

* Use power-ups to enhance the abilities of your marble

* Select from 15 marble designs to use in-game

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