Magic Life Hands-On Preview

Magic Life is an upcoming casual RPG (emphasis on the word ‘casual’) that poses one interesting question: How would you like to turn your Facebook friends into toads and pigs? The Facebook integration is easily the best hook for this colorful, breezy RPG from Glu.

In Magic Life, you play as a novice magician whose goal is to gain experience and spellcasting abilities by completing simple tasks and quests. An early mission we saw required you to track down parts of a giant stone golem, which was broken into stone arms, legs, and hands, among other parts.

Populating the game world with you are your Facebook friends, which you can import through Facebook Connect. You’ll then be able to cast spells on your friends, turning them into a number of different animals. If your friends are playing Magic Life as well, they’ll be customized based on the look they’ve chosen for themselves. Otherwise, they’ll be randomly generated characters.

Don’t go expecting an in-depth RPG like Zenonia or Dungeon Hunter from Magic Life. This is about as casual and kid-friendly as you can get. The game is entirely free to play, but you can pay to hurry along spell-creation (in a giant bubbling guild cauldron), and more opportunities for DLC could be announced down the line.

We’re not sure if Magic Life is going to ensnare gamers looking for something more action-packed, but that’s where Gun Bros, another freemium Glu title, comes in. The developers were keen to point out that Animal Crossing is one of Magic Life’s inspirations, so that should provide an interesting basis for comparison. Magic Life will be available for free in early October.

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