Life Quest Hands-On Preview

The last time we told you about Life Quest, we could only get so far in our playable build before it kept crashing. Now, we’ve spent some time with an updated version, and have a much better idea of what makes Life Quest a unique simulation.

In our new build, your first four “opponents” (rival classmates) are included as a freemium trial. When you reach the fifth classmate, the game requires an in-app purchase to unlock the final 15. This will give most players a good 30-45 minute intro to the game, enough to determine if they’re enjoying the concept.

And as a concept, we think there’s a lot to like about Life Quest. Banal tasks like attending school or saving up for a couch are a lot more exciting when you’re balancing your time and money like they’re RPG stats. You also can’t dedicate yourself to just one task– you have to at least make sure you’re eating, and if you buy yourself new clothes or furniture, you’ll have a better outlook on life and can do more activities the next day.

New locations will also unlock as you play. We started off with access to the pet store, but soon gained an invitation to check out the “kitchen sink” item outlet, fitness center, and snooty restaurant. You can find work in many of these locations, if you’ve trained sufficiently and own the right equipment, so taking a risk in your virtual career can help your character accomplish their goals faster.

Life Quest is coming together nicely– our updated build had extensive voice-over narration, an interactive tutorial, and freemium paygates. Look for it on the App Store soon.

Life is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. If a day at work meant no more than just clicking a button once, or your commute time was measured in seconds instead of hours, you might actually have fun going about your daily routine. Life Quest, an upcoming iOS port from Big Fish Games, makes day-to-day tasks exciting by turning them into a goal-driven RPG.

In Life Quest, you start as a recent high school graduate, with your whole life ahead of you. You can take classes, do laundry, buy a pet, get a job, and perform other menial tasks, all with the goal of becoming more successful than your former classmates, one by one.

Each classmate is progressively more ambitious, which means that you’ll have to keep up with their life goals while maintaining your own levels of happiness and health. Spending a lot of time at work may earn you enough money to buy furniture or a new set of wheels, but you can’t forget to eat, or you’ll lose health.

As you “defeat” each classmate in the game of life, you’ll cross them off your yearbook page. We couldn’t get too far in our hands-on preview build, because it was unstable and kept crashing, but we’ve seen this kind of gameplay before in games like Jones in the Fast Lane, and we’re eager to play more.

Like in the Sims series, we enjoyed identifying with our character in Life Quest and helping them achieve their virtual life goals. Games like Life Quest also help clarify your personal goals in real life, reminding you to do a load of laundry or ask your boss for a raise. The art style is also a lot of fun, with large, cartoon avatars that you can customize. We’re intrigued by the concept, and hope that this PC game makes a successful transition to iOS. Look for Life Quest on the App Store in May.

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