Let’s Golf Hands-On

We got a chance to hit the virtual iPhone links with Let’s Golf late last week at a meeting with Gameloft, and the embargo just lifted on our preview. Details and video within!

Let’s Golf is a casual golf title in the mold of the Hot Shots Golf games, meaning that it’s not overly concerned with stuff like modeling the creases in Tiger’s slacks. The golfers are cartoony, and most of the gameplay runs through a typical half-circle swing meter.

That doesn’t mean the game lacks for features, though. The golf controls should be familiar to anyone who’s played a console or PC golf game. You have access to a full set of clubs, as well as a mini-map for aiming purposes–you touch right and left to adjust your aim–and a grid overlay to read the putting greens. Also, you can apply spin to the ball in mid-air by swiping across a ball icon in the corner of the screen. It’s not strictly in accord with the laws of physics, but it’s kind of cool nonetheless.

Let’s Golf includes four 18-hole courses, four golfers (with various unlockable outfits), tournament and fast-play modes, and 2-player action over WiFi or using pass-and-play. It’s not fancy, but we think that it ought to satisfy those looking for a quick, playable golf game. It should be available sometime next week for $5.99.

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