Let’s Golf! First Look

Gameloft graciously offered us some additional info on Let’s Golf! The game will include 63 holes set in four fully-3D landscapes, and you will be able to play as one of four customizable golfers. In addition, we were half-right about Let’s Golf being more of a casual offering–the game has both Casual and Simulation modes, to suit virtual duffers and hard-core links fans alike.

Gameloft just dropped a batch of preview screens for a new golf game called Let’s Golf! in our inbox.

We have no further details at this time, other than the fact that the game is due out towards the end of February. To our eye, it looks as though Let’s Golf! might fall towards the casual end of the golf game spectrum, unlike Gameloft’s own Vijay Singh Golf titles, which are a bit more realistic-looking.

As always, we’ll post more details as we get ‘em.

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